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Coordinated Employee Retirement Account (CERA) 403(b) Program for 501(c)(3) Organizations 

The principal objective of the CERA program is to provide the employer with an effective means of communicating the concept of the 403(b) program to employees. This concept converts a typically fragmented approach to employee 403(b) retirement planning to a coordinated approach; one that is organized, controlled, accountable and professionally managed. Centralized billing and administration allows the facility to send on check for distribution to all 403(b) carriers.

Our employee communication system includes; group meetings, individual counseling and customized literature. Retirement Planning 403(b), 401(k), Money Purchase, Profit Sharing Administration. Plan installation and renewal services. Plan documents. Record keeping. Annual plan service. Non-discrimination testing. Plan compliance service.

Communication Systematic employee enrollment. Customized posters, payroll inserts and plan booklets. Group presentations using a customized slide presentation. Individual employee counseling sessions. Investments Offered through registered representatives of Cetera Advisor Networks Mutual Fund custodial accounts from over 100 fund families.

Fixed and Variable Annuities from major insurance carriers. ServiceA primary focus. Participant account administration. Employer plan administration and compliance support. Retiree support. Employee
BenefitsTo help attract and retain employees Group Insurance Plans Life Health Dental Long Term Disability Income Short Term Disability Income Flexible Benefit Plans Full implementation and administration. Premium Only Plans Flexible Spending Accounts Full Cafeteria Plans Voluntary
Payroll Deduction Plans Life Insurance Short Term Disability Insurance Voluntary Investment Program (VIP) Executive BenefitsImplementation and administration services Executive Bonus Plans Group Term Life and Disability Income Insurance "Carve-out" Plans. Salary Continuation. Selective Management Compensation. Severance Pay Plan. Split Dollar Life Insurance. Voluntary Employee Benefit Association (VEBA) Plans. Voluntary Investment Program VIPPayroll deduction investment strategies for employees. The VIP enables employees to invest after tax dollars, through payroll deduction, into a variety of investment and savings options. Whether the goal is a comfortable retirement, education, travel, a new home or simple to accumulate money for a rainy day, the VIP can help with a four step process... 

  1. Defining your goals. 
  2. Reviewing your current situation. 
  3. Determining risk tolerance.
  4. Establishing your strategy.

Other Services Estate Planning - Complete review and analysis. Investment Review - Asset review and repositioning. IRA Analysis. Seminar Modules College Education Funding Strategies - Personal Money Management Series REAP - Retirement Enrichment Awareness

Program Retirement Planning.

Administration and compliance services offered through BPS in their role as Plan Administrators. 

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